Seminar Topics

Rudy Fabiano

Rudy Fabiano

Designing to Sell – Building the Modern Fitness Club

Design can be a powerful tool in selling. Using key factors that have been proven in retail and hospitality research, this presentation will focus on how we can design, organize, and present our clubs for increased sales, retention, and overall customer satisfaction. Recognizing a real consumer shift in expectation and purchasing trends, we have the opportunity to move from the current model of selling what we want, to selling what our customers want to buy. The presentation will also track the hottest fitness trends, and how we can effectively design and present these programs in a “retail based” environment to drive profits and expand your market base.

Adrian Marks


A five-step strategy that will change the way you market your business forever

This ‘digital/social/traditional’ triumvirate approach to marketing and sales taps into the psychology behind marketing and sales and shows how you combine it with technology and strategy to deliver outstanding results. Every business from a small start up to the largest multi-site operator will find this invaluable. In just 60 minutes you will learn…

  • How people now buy is totally different to how they did just a few years ago.
  • How a simple shift in your marketing message can increase your enquiries dramatically.
  • Why what you sell is less important than how, and why, you sell it
  • How adding a permission-based marketing platform will future proof your business and increase your sales.
Colin Milner

Colin Milner

Nine Ways to Profit from an Ageing Population

We live in a world that is increasingly growing older and more diverse.

To address this shift, we too need to become more diverse in the club environments we provide, the programs and products we offer, and the way we position and promote these services. 

We also need to create the policies and hire the staff that will allow older members to feel comfortable in our clubs.                   

Is your organization prepared to address these challenges and opportunities? 

Whether it’s your first foray into this arena or a longtime pursuit, this thought-provoking session is a must. By attending this session, you will:

  • learn why older consumers hold the keys to your future growth
  • better understand how changes in attitudes are impacting the service they seek and the environments they crave
  • develop strategies that will help you profit from the older consumer
  • learn how to integrate the ICAA’s 9 Principles of Active Ageing into your day-to-day operations
  • learn how to create an ageless brand
Paul Bedford

Paul Bedford

Retention Fundamentals

This session will focus on the key elements required to introduce and run an effective retention programme within a health club.

By the end of the session you will be able to:

  • Identify the need for accurate measurements
  • The three key areas that have the biggest impact on retention.
  • What to avoid doing and how much that will save you
  • What combination of activities can reduce attrition by 57%.

Frank Furness

Attract & Retain Members With Social Media

The world is changing and so is the way we do business. We need to keep doing what has always made us successful and also adapt to the new and exciting marketing opportunities available on the internet.

This session will explore the science of engaging and selling to the new generation of online buyers. It will share ‘attraction marketing’ strategies to build your Health Club Brand, drive traffic to your website, dominate Google and share the strategies of successful clubs that are using ‘new media marketing’ successfully.

Discover ways of increasing your exposure, attracting new members and retaining existing members. You can learn new, low-cost strategies for boosting your club with the minimum of effort and at the minimum of risk. These strategies are proven to work but rarely used because few club owners realize how simple it can be to increase sales – even during tough economic times.


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