Who are they…

Adrian Marks (UK), Frank Furness (South Africa), Dr Mark Slavin (USA), Justin Tamsitt (Australia), Special VIRTUAL Guest Presenter – Sandy Coffman (USA) Pre-Recorded

What are their Topics…

Digital Marketing, Social Media, Programming for Profit and Your Key to Retention. (Please see the Seminar Topics page.)

Adrian Marks

Adrian Marks

Adrian Marks is a speaker, consultant and entrepreneur and the founder of enjoy!

One of the UK’s leading sales acquisition and lead generation Agencies – a digitally driven, marketing agency with deep roots in behavioural psychology, sales strategy and results.

Working with national, regional and local Clients they have, in the last 12 months alone, helped businesses such as Macdonald Hotels, Cash Converters, Xercise4Less, Phonak, BMW, and Basic-Fit generate over 200,000 potential new customers and £90,000,000 in sales.

enjoy! has a dedicated team that works solely with fitness Clients across the UK, Europe and North America

A renowned, articulate and brutally straight forward speaker Adrian presents regularly at both public and private events including recently; Retail Summit 2016 in Oslo, LIW 2015 in the UK, BodyLife 2014 and 2015, IHRSA EUropean Congress 2016, Law Society annual conference 2013/15, Grow Your Business 2015/2016/2017 and the BMW UK dealer conference in 2015.

In addition to running enjoy! and speaking around the world, Adrian has over 3,500 subscribers to Ignition, his online VIP Client growth programme.

Prior to setting up enjoy! in 2002, Adrian was part of the executive team that built, grew and sold the UK based Viva! Health Clubs to LivingWell / Hilton for £24m in 1998

Dr. Mark Slavin

Dr. Mark Slavin

Dr. Mark Slavin currently serves as the Director for the SportsArt Institute based in China which provides educational support globally.

He also serves as the primary educational consultant to Genesis Health Clubs, a Midwest (USA) based clubs chain with over 40 clubs and has been with them since 2001.

Mark spent over 20 years with the R.T.S. (Resistance Training Specialist) program as the International Director for RTS, the most advanced biomechanics program in the industry and has taught workshops, seminars and courses in over 70 countries. In addition, for over 15 years, Dr. Slavin served as the educational consultant to Cybex International.

As the former Director of Certification for The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), he was the first director of the first Personal Training Course taught in the United States (NASM) and helped to develop NASM Asia which became AASFP, the largest certification in the Asian Fitness industry.

As a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, Dr. Slavin utilizes his vast knowledge of physiology and biomechanics, combined with an easy to understand and fun presentation style, to develop progressive education and standards for personal trainers in over 70 countries to date.

His passion is the driving force in his quest for excellence in resistance training, with which he travels the globe sharing his knowledge with the ultimate goal to raise the standards and value of trainers and training programs.

Sandy Coffman

Sandy Coffman

Sandy Coffman retired from our Industry in 2010 and now lives in Bradenton, Florida. She was the indomitable spirit telling Owners and Operators that Retention Begins when the Member Joins. For Decades she was a featured Presenter at IHRSA, Club Industry, IDEA, BodyLife, Athletic Business Can-Fit-Pro and just about every major Trade Show and Convention in the World.

We’re honoured that she will be sharing her four decades of professional programming experience with our Attendees and Viewers.

Sandy has won several awards, nationally and internationally, such as “Educator of the Year,” International Fitness Speaker of the Year,” Delegates Choice Award,” “Lifetime Achievement Award” and was voted IHRSA’s top convention speaker in both content and presentation.

Sandy is currently on the faculty for ICAA, the International Council on Active Aging, and is a consultant for the United States Tennis Association.

In addition to writing for many trade journals, Sandy Coffman is the author of the must-have book, “Successful Programs for Fitness and Health Clubs:101 Profitable Ideas,” published by Human Kinetics.

She is acclaimed for her energy and enthusiasm and her seminars, DVD’s, and workshops are guaranteed to be educational, motivational, inspirational and productive.

Sandy is coming out of retirement EXCLUSIVELY for one last seminar for us as our Virtual Presenter for the in the UK, in May.

Frank Furness

Frank Furness

Frank Furness is an internationally sought after Sales & Technology Speaker and Social Media Presenter. His lively, enthusiastic and humorous style has inspired audiences all around the world.

He is a specialist in sales, technology, social media and goal setting and how they work in tandem to produce great results for organizations. He has been a guest on many radio and TV talkback shows and is the past President of the Professional Speakers Association of Europe. He currently spends seventy percent of his time speaking internationally, working in fifty three countries. He has presented at Entrepreneurs University and his clients include the British Olympic Team, The Professional Cricketers Association, Sporting Champions and Sport England.

In 2007 he was awarded ‘Top Speaker’ for Vistage Europe and in 2011 inducted into the ‘Speaker Hall of Fame’ In 2013 he was awarded TEC Australia ‘Overseas Speaker of the Year’ for his 28 presentations which averaged 94%.

Franks has shared his strategies at the FIA conference in the UK and the IHRSA conference in Amsterdam, IHRSA – LA and two IHRSA Universities.

Apart from speaking, Frank has an Internet Marketing business with 22 websites all producing income. He has been an avid supporter of video marketing for many years and his YouTube channel has 650 videos, 4 million views and over 5,000 subscribers.

Frank’s books ‘Walking with Tigers – Success Secrets of the World’s Top Business Leaders’ and ‘How to Find New Business and Clients’ are International best sellers.

Justin Tamsett

Justin Tamsett


Justin is recognised world wide as a thought leader who challenges the status quo for the fitness industry. He’s a highly sort after speaker because he shares practical ideas from outside the industry that can be implemented immediately. He has spoken to over 172,000 people delivering 289 presentations over 18 years. In 2016, he trained in a different fitness business model every week for a year – boutiques, big boxes, crossfit boxes, PT studios – as a casual visitor to get the true consumer experience. Justin has conducted 168 meetings for the Industry Leaders Roundtable for club owners and personal trainers in Australia and the US. In his sessions, when you think and then implement you will stay ahead of the industry curve and grow profitability as his aim is for you to get you #hustlemodeon in 2017 and beyond.

Around The Fitness Business World in 60 Minutes

The fitness industry is now a dichotomy of business models. In the last 2 years, I have travelled the world and looked at gyms, studios, personal training businesses and even CrossFit boxes and in this pictorial presentation you can experience what I have experienced. You’ll see inside clubs and hear my experiences from a consumer perspective. You’ll leave this session ideas from some of the best operators on the planet on what to do and what not to do.

What Does The 2017 Consumer Want From You

Every year our consumer changes as their behaviours and needs are impacted by larger and more resourced organisations. We have to keep up in order to attract and keep our members. In this session you’ll learn the key consumer trends that you must know to remain competitive. You’ll walk away with trend knowledge and examples of how you can use these in your business.

Note – I delivered this session at IHRSA2017 LA

Fitness Business Leadership in 2017

This session will give the 5 keys leading your fitness business. You know you need to differentiate and this session will show where you can differentiate, so you become a magnet for leads and people wants to work for you. You’ll learn what benefit laser focus can have in your business; why numbers trump gut feel every day; that working in silos is a recipe for disaster; and it’s all about how you manage your time. This session is packed with useful tips, tricks and strategies to lead your team.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Club Marketing

Ann Handley from Marketing Profs says we need to “find interesting ways to say boring stuff” and in this session you’ll see exciting marketing and boring marketing. You will learn 8 fundamentals for generating leads on-line and off-line – consider this a reminder! Then you’ll get a nudge about tracking your enquiries to ensure ROI. Some neuromarketing theory to ensure your marketing looks good and is talking to the consumer before finishing with what is working and what is not working! At times humorous and others very specific and serious, this session will cause you to evaluate every aspect of your marketing.

How To On-board For Loyalty & Long Term

This session is a hands on approach to on boarding your members and clients so they stay long term with you. We know new members need to use the club but there is so much more in the equation. You’ll walk away with a road map for the first 16 weeks; ideas you can implement and real club examples of communication and strategies.


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